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A Gated Church?
by Raymond Elliott(3)

No doubt, we all have of heard of a ‘gated residential community’. But a ‘gated church’? Well, the church is not really ‘gated’ but the property is sometimes ‘gated’ to keep unwanted people off of the premise who might break into the building or to enter the grounds for immoral purposes. I have heard of some churches having fences around their parking lot in order to keep would be thieves from breaking into the automobiles while the members were worshiping. For the first time to my knowledge there is a church of Christ in the city where I live that has installed a gate to keep cars and trucks from entering their property except during... (read the rest of what Raymond Elliott wrote.)

ColumnistFrom Carrying the Cross to Bearing the Sword – Is it the Same Jesus?
by Rev M Bresciani

Polls have indicated that only 37 percent of Americans now believe that homosexuality is a perverted and sinful practice. Most of those examining this latest excursion in PC acquired morality or immoralities, (depending on who you ask) agree that it is caused by a combination of three influences. First, is President Obama’s declaration that he believes all is well with the practice of homosexuality and gay marriage. Second is the apostate (falling) church that would rather give in to anti-biblical doctrine rather than stand up for what they have been taught and commanded. Lastly is the years’ long campaign of the LGBT to induct everyone from kindergartners to ministers of... (read the rest of what Rev M Bresciani wrote.)

The Prophetic Implications of Pope Benedict’s Resignation
by Rev M Bresciani

Any understanding of Benedict’s resignation must begin with the simple fact that not all people are Catholic and not all Christians are Catholic. Of the 2.3 billion Christians in the world only about half, 1.1 billion are Catholic. Non-Catholics are made up of Orthodox, Anglicans, historic Protestant denominations and Independents. If we refer ourselves to each respective Christian religion to determine who exactly is a real Christian, we will find that each sect has a definition that would exclude everyone out side of their own definition. Of far greater importance is the fact that while almost all of them claim the use of the Bible, the bible has its own definition of... (read the rest of what Rev M Bresciani wrote.)

Some Symptoms of a Secular Society
by Raymond Elliott(3)

First of all, it is best that we define three of the words in the heading of this article. The word ‘symptoms’ as used in the medical field can be described as indicators of an underlying health problem. For example, if someone is experiencing chronic fatigue, this may indicate a serious heart problem. In spiritual matters, a member of the church who is habitually absent from the worship assemblies may indicate that there is a lack of love for the Lord which is a real ‘heart problem’. The word ‘society’ is defined as: “A society, or a human society, is a group of people related to each other through persistent relations, or a large social... (read the rest of what Raymond Elliott wrote.)

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