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A Letter From Peter and Bunny Rabbit To An Angry Neighbor

by John Waddey(33)

(The author lives in Arizona where rabbits thrive amid rocks and cacti. Some folks are very resentful when a hungry rabbit happens to feed on their shrubs or flowers).

My neighbors, Peter and Bunny Rabbit, were greatly offended by Mr. Smocker's inflammatory letter to the editor that attacked them. Since their education did not included penmanship I have offered to write this response for them. They say that:

"To insinuate that all rabbits are a nuisance and a menace is prejudicial and discriminatory and borders on hate speech. Their ancestors occupied this land aeons before the first homo sapiens invaded it. Like our neighbors, the Indians, we welcomed the settlers and now we are suffering the same fate. We are a peaceful people. We have endured endless attacks and even killings, but have never fought back. To this day, we live quiet lives without weapons or a standing army. We have never been accused of attacking any man or beast. Yes, we do eat greenery. Long before humans occupied our land, an unselfish open range policy existed that served us and our neighbors quite well. There was sufficient vegetation for all. If the gentleman wants to plant a garden for himself alone, he can show us it is off limits by enclosing it with a fence. He will not need anything approaching the size of that anti-rabbit Australian fence he mentioned.

He accuses us of carrying a deadly disease, but forgot that humans carry and spread AIDS, typhoid, typhus cholera and hundreds of other contagions that have killed millions while only a few hundred contracted Tularemia. In most cases those infected had attacked and killed one of our fellow-rabbits and from their victim’s blood they contracted the disease. His conclusion is simple, since a few people are infected by rabbits, eliminate them. Will he apply his logic to those of his species who infect others?

To compare Maricopa County’s rabbit society with that of Australia is like comparing apples and oranges. Between the snakes, coyotes, hawks, owls, hunters and cars, we will never take over this county. It is far more likely that this country will be overrun by two legged creatures than by we of the hare family."

In closing, Peter and Bunny Rabbit and their kindred and neighbors send Mr. Smocker their "best wishes for a joyful  and happy life here in their desert paradise." They hope he will do the same for them.

Article submitted Monday, March 23, 2009 & read 26 times.

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