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Unsung Biblical Heroes: Aaron

by Joel Hendon(126) Red Star

There are many features of the Holy Bible which prove it's authenticity to those who study it with no prejudice in their hearts toward it. And one is that of those great men who carried out God's will so well and who gained much favor with God, yet their weaknesses and errors are spelled out in scripture for readers to see over the many centuries.

The setting for our subject is in a time that the world was evil with only few exceptions. The fledgling tribes of Israel (Jacob) were under Egyptian captivity but were growing strong in numbers under the watchful eye of God, to the extent that the Egyptian Pharaoh had grown fearful of them and had started slaying the male babies of the Israelites when they were born.

One couple Amram and Jochebed, of the Israeli tribe of Levi, gave birth to a son, their third child, but the mother hid herself and him until she could hide him no longer when she built a small ark and daubed it with slime and pitch, put the baby in it and hid it among the bulrushes. By the providential guidance of God, the daughter of Pharaoh found the child and loved it, took it back to her residence and hired (unknowingly) the child's mother to care for him and raise him.

The child was named Moses and destined to be the one God chose to lead the Israelites out of their bondage. But Moses had a brother and a sister, whose names where Aaron and Miriam. Aaron was 3 years older than Moses and Miriam was about 6 or 7 years old.

Moses was some 40 years old and living in a land called Median where he had married. But God called him to come back to Egypt and become their leader to bring them out of their bondage. After Moses had argued with God and said he was not an eloquent speaker plus other excuses, God told him he could use his brother Aaron for his spokesman. Which brings us to our subject.

Aaron was a good and devout man, yet God had chosen Moses to be the leader because of his strength and fortitude. But Aaron was to stand by him and become his ever present assistant. His intentions were always good yet me made errors in judgment as we all do. After their escape from Egypt and while at Mount Sinai, God had called Moses upon the mountain to receive the ten commandments. After he was gone many days the Israelites became restless and desired they have a god to worship.

Aaron had them to bring items of gold which they had and he melted and forged them into a golden calf. This, or course angered God and Moses. Moses ground it into powder and poured it upon the water and made the people drink of it. This was perhaps the greatest failure on Aaron's part that he committed.

Later, Miriam their sister became angry at the attention given to Moses and the lack of credit given to her and Aaron so she, and Aaron, confronted Moses. After saying harsh things to Moses, God knew of it and caused her to become leprous. After Moses beseeched God on her behalf, He allowed her to be healed. So Aaron again made a mistake.

When the Israelites became upset at being without adequate water, God told Moses to go to a rock he designated and to speak to the rock and water would come forth. So, Moses and Aaron brought the crowd to the rock and, rather than speak to the rock, Moses railed at the people and struck the rock twice with his rod. Water came forth but because the precise order of God was not followed, Aaron and Moses were neither allowed to enter the promised land of Canaan. Both died before the land was taken.

Aaron was a good man and God designated that he and his male descendents would be the only ones allowed to be priests for the nation of Israel. But as we said in the beginning, eventhough a man was highly regarded in God's sight, these incidents show that none are perfect and all make mistakes. God still does not ignore those mistakes but will forgive a penitent heart

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» left by Jane Bullard (4 years 52 days ago.)
Reader Rating: 5 out of 5
Joel, another article with a good message and true to the record. God used this brothers-sister trio even with their human traits you write about. Like us, they were learning to obey God's way, and took some hard knocks when they got off track. I would love to see you write about and share your insights into the portion of scripture about the oil "that flowed from Aaron's beard" to the hem of his garment. I think it was a priestly robe, for the oil was special, for his anointing, I believe.
» left by Anonymous (4 years 52 days ago.)

Hi Jane, thanks for reading and commenting. Actually, the verse you are referring to in Psalm 133:2 is referrring to the anointing of Aaron, but it did indeed mean that the oil ran down from his head and off his beard to the bottom. hem of his garment. This was a highly complimentary thing to do. 

Exodus 30:23 gives the recipe for the anointing oil they used, but to uneducated men like myself, it doesn't give the specific name of all of them.  Adam Clarke, an outstanding scholar of the bible as well as Greek and Hebrew languages, an old time Methodist  preacher, wrote an extensive commentary on the whole bible and he says concerning this that it was olive oil with sweet cinnamon ,  sweet calamus, and cassia lignia (whatever that is). And the custom was  to pour it onto the persons head until it rand down and reached all of his limbs

That sounds kindly greasy and messy to us these days but it is reported that it was delightfully fragrant and was a way of extending special honor to the individual.

» left by Anonymous (1 year 124 days ago.)
Super jaezzd about getting that know-how.
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