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Obama Growing Edgy Over Polls And Stimulus Failure

by Joel Hendon(126) Red Star

Obama and his cronies projected that the first stimulus package would save or create 150,000 jobs by now. In reality however, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs continue to pile up monthly, far more than was first estimated even if the economy had been left to recover on it's own! Read this paragraph from Newsweek.com:

"The fact is the economy has lost more jobs, and the unemployment rate is significantly higher, than the administration originally predicted would be the case if Washington did nothing. In fact, the original projections of Obama's economic aides have turned out to be off by a very wide margin."(Newsweek.com: By Brooks Jackson, with Justin Bank and Andrew Karter | factcheck.org. June 16,2009)

And these wild pronouncements made to push legislation through, when failed, are showing up in voter confidence polls. When one takes a look at the many campaign promises made and when they look at the unsuccessful efforts to implement them, it becomes obvious why his confidence polls are dropping.

Another blunder that has caused much disappointment in those who voted for him only because they could not accept McCain, is the messy way he proposed and has failed on his "transparency" doctrine he hammered so hard at George Bush. Let's take an example and you decide.

While he was in the Senate and running for the presidency, he lambasted Bush for what he called "secret meetings" with oil company executives at the White House, because the details of the meetings were not released. Now, a little over a week ago, he invited coal company executives to the White House to discuss his "clean coal" policies and then rejected a request under the Freedom of Information Act for a list of identities of the executives who visited.

This is only one in a series of such refusals to divulge information, after making the bold statement on his first day in office that he was introducing an unprecedented transparency to the government. He has done just the opposite. He meets with Democratic leaders of congress behind closed doors and any visits such as mentioned above is the reason he now has a negative count.

Rasmussen Reports daily presidential tracking poll, for the second consecutive day, has shown a negative (-2% and -1%) favorable count. This poll asks voters if they have a very favorable opinion of his performance, or a very unfavorable one. This is the only time since Obama took office opinion of the president's performance has shown negative This date 34% answered very unfavorable as opposed to 33% very favorable. This record is of interest in taking the pulse of the voters views.

On his second and third and fourth days in office, January 21, 22 and 23 his favorable performance rating was +28%, +30%, and +29% respectively and, although dropping slightly, remained in the + 20's until February 2 when it dropped to +17%. It has not reached +20% again and dropped into the single digits on March 6 returned to +10% only twice since. June has not been kind towards the president, dropping to a tie vote on the 5th of the month and fluctuating from a +9% on the 10th to a -2% on yesterday, the 21st. Other pollsters have also show a declining approval of his performance as well as that of the congress.

One of the primary things that presently is bothering voters most is the vast amount of uncertainty and doubts concerning the unprecedented costs of the proposed Health Care plan which threatens possible consequences beyond the wildest imagination. It stands a chance of destroying the health care we now have as well as our insurance companies. It also threatens to throw thousands more out of work, render Medicare and Medicaid worthless but still expensive, not to mention loading us with a massive annual deficit.

An easy, carefully planned improvement in our health care is desirable, but to plunge headlong into an unknown abyss is insane and probably as unlikely to work as did the stimulus. We cannot survive such costly failures and the public realizes it.

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